The Mountain Mover

NO Mountains Can Be Moved…Until You KNOW Mountains Can Be Moved!


Do you think you are having a bad day? Mark Timmons can tell you about bad days. For starters, how about losing your business, your home, your family and your freedom? Falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit and sentenced to 40 years in prison, Mark never lost hope and came to grips that there was a mountain that needed moved and he had to move it!

When bad things happen, some people blame God, others wait for God to solve their problems, but Mark knew that he had to do the work to move that mountain (with the power from God). So, he studied the law, acted as his own lawyer, argued his own case despite a corrupt judicial system that included judicial and prosecutorial misconduct, perjury and denial of his constitutional rights.

He saw the invisible and did the impossible… and literally had his handcuffs and shackles taken off in the Courtroom as he walked to his freedom.

Mark rebuilt his life and is now a successful businessman and entrepreneur. In 2010, he will celebrate his 16th year of freedom after spending seven and a half years in some of the toughest, most vile prisons in the State of Indiana.

His story inspires everyone to look inside themselves and be thankful for what they have, as well as realize that one can change their circumstances, no matter how bad they may seem. Once they see the invisible (a goal, a dream, a hope), all things are possible, and they can do what many people consider to be impossible!

While Mark’s message is Christian in origin, people from all walks of life can identify with his despair and are moved by his amazing story. Jesus Christ said that mountains could be moved, but never did he say he would move them. Just the opposite, he said that we (you) can move mountains. Mark drives home the fact that moving mountains in your life starts with “the belief” that you can move mountains. Once you realize that, all things are possible.

Mark and his family live in Indianapolis, Indiana and he is currently writing his autobiography called “The Mountainmover”, due out in the¬†Winter of 2010! Mark says that it is going to be an Oscar-Winning Motion Picture – It wouldn’t be wise to bet against him!

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